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Analysis of seawater desalination electrodialysis

release time:2019-11-06 11:21:17

  Desalination of seawater uses desalination of seawater to produce fresh water. It is an open source incremental technology that realizes the utilization of water resources, which can increase the total amount of fresh water, and is not affected by time and space and climate. The water quality is good and the price is gradually reasonable. The desalination equipment can ensure stable water supply for coastal residents' drinking water and industrial boilers.
 The role of electrodialysis in seawater desalination
Reverse osmosis seawater desalination is compared with distillation. Membrane seawater desalination can only use electrical energy. Distillation seawater desalination utilizes thermal energy and electrical energy. Therefore, the reverse osmosis desalination is suitable for the occasion of having a power source, and the distillation method is suitable for various occasions having a heat source or a power source. However, with the improvement of the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane and the advent of the energy recovery device, the electricity consumption per ton of water is gradually reduced. Reverse osmosis seawater desalination can produce desalinated water equivalent to the quality of tap water after one desalination. Although the dewatering method has higher water quality, the reverse osmosis technology still has its own advantages. For example, the application range is wide, the scale can be large or small, and the construction period is short. It can be built not only on land, but also in vehicles and ships. Ships, offshore oil rigs, islands, wilderness, etc.